[4 CPD] – Building Personal and Organizational Ethical Intelligence


[4 CPD] Build ethical intelligence into your decision making, behaviors, and leadership!



This is four — one hour courses in ethics. However, unlike most ethics courses, we will not bore you with lectures on what not to do or the rules of professional conduct. These courses will raise your awareness of ethical situations that are around you today that you aren’t even thinking about. These courses will change the way you make decisions and take actions. These courses will illustrate with numerous case studies that in the absence of ethical intelligence, otherwise good people are highly susceptible to making poor judgments. If that is still not enough to consider these courses for enrollment, how about this – ethical intelligence has been proven to improve corporate performance.

Whether you complete one or more of the courses is up to you. Upon completion of each course, you are entitled to 1 hour of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) credits. There are a total of 4 hours of CPD available by enrolling.


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