[1.5 CPD] – Your First 100 Days as CFO


[1.5 CPD] Learn about what you should do immediately after you find yourself appointed to the office of the CFO



In this course, we are going to look at getting started in a new CFO role. Whether this is your first appointment as CFO or perhaps you are transitioning to a new CFO role at another organization, we will look at different approaches for your first 100 days. We begin with a profile of the modern CFO, that is, what you need to bring to the organization. From there, we will look at team building principles and using proven tools to help you assess the existing finance function against best practices. We will use a strategic approach to developing an overarching mission and value statement for finance to bring context to specific action plans. We will look at structuring the finance function within the organization context to optimize and balance responsiveness to stakeholders with the need for control. Finally, we will look at change management principles to help you initiate your first major project.


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